2024 Sunshine Coast Property Update | This Year So Far

As you may expect, we can share what has happened this year far easier than we can tell what will happen in the future. January held steady this year & we noticed a sustained level of enquiry from both buyers & sellers. 

Usually, February is a quieter month. This is mainly due to people returning from holidays & turning their  focus on the year ahead, however that may look. We have noticed an increase in enquiry, an increase in Open HOME presence & a strong level of appraisal requests. 

This gives such a positive insight to how the year ahead will play out & how it will look for HOME owners & those looking to purchase on the Sunshine Coast. 

    • 1,576 people purchased on the Sunshine Coast since January 1st
    • The Sunshine Coast’s prices have continued to hold strong!
    • January & February have both been busier months, compared to last year
    • Median sale prices have risen since last year 

We’re excited to see what’s in store for next month & the year ahead!